Self-Adjusting Window Tint
Self-Adjusting Window Tint
Self-Adjusting Window Tint
Self-Adjusting Window Tint

Self-Adjusting Window Tint

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The Self-adjusting Window Tint is not just for aesthetics since it also helps to protect the interior of your car from sunlight and can be used for windows as well, lowering your temperature inside and gives you a higher level of privacy which can be important in some cases.

The Self-Adjusting Window Tint is the most advanced product on the market designed especially for car use. It has VLT index of 45%-75% which is considered medium dark tint. The Self-Adjusting Window Tint is made with deep-dyed technology this level of technology can only found on limousines and similar professional vehicles where privacy is a must. 

Protect yourself from the sun with the Self-Adjusting Window Tint!

  • Size: 152cmx50cm(60"x20")
  • Material : PET
  • Thickness: 3mil=0.075mm
  • Visible Light Transmission:45%~75%
  • UV Rejection: 99%
  • High UV and IR rejection
  • High precision nano coating
  • Automatic adjustment of visible light comfort level

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